Structure de mise en forme 2 colonnes

The aims of the MUZIC network are:

To bridge the gap between cellular and structural biology by creating a training program that incorporates both disciplines in the study of molecular components and the cellular mechanisms of the muscle Z-disk. Within the network, young researchers are trained in a set new, highly versatile research title: “Cellular Structural Biologist”.

To advance knowledge in the area of muscle Z-disk protein complexes, interactions and functions in healthy and diseased cells by understanding the atomic structure of selected components central to Z-disk integrity, their molecular architecture, the dynamic changes of the Z-disk interactome and signalling pathways regulating its development and remodelling.

Scientific and technological objectives of the research and training programme:

The aim is to generate a comprehensive spatio-temporal picture of the muscle Z-disk interactome through use of an integrated, multidisciplinary analysis of its molecular components and the cellular mechanisms that are involved in its function, dynamics, and regulation, addressing the different levels of complexity, organisation, and cellular contexts, from the atomic structure to its physiological function.

This will be achieved by studying (i) the atomic structure and molecular properties of the selected Z-disk proteins (ii) the molecular architecture of complexes centred around principal Z-disk components (iii) the dynamic changes in the Z-disk interactome, and (iv) the signalling pathways regulating Z-disk development and remodelling.